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Dukes Weight Loss Shakes

14 x 50g Sachets | 14 Meals

High protein Low Sugar Rapid Results
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Enjoy a delicious meal replacement shake that tastes great and keeps you full and satisfied. Our high protein & low sugar formula is the easiest way to lose weight fast. Be confident knowing that each shake is packed with fibre and essential vitamins & minerals to keep you healthy.

Simply choose your flavour above, replace two meals a day and start losing weight today.

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Buy 3 get 1 free & save 25%

Choose any 4 shake or soup flavours and save $59.95 with our best-selling bundles.

Bundle & Save

Dukes Weight Loss Shakes - Strawberry

Regular price $59.95
Sale price $59.95 Regular price


Easy to use on the run for early mornings and quick lunches, no cooking or cleaning need.


Low in sugar and packed with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.


From just $2.68 per meal, you'll be saving money whilst losing weight, win-win.


With 8 unique flavours, our delicious meals will keep you full and satisfied.


Sweet and creamy at the same time. This shake has delicious strawberry notes as well as a smooth and creamy finish. The fresh burst of fruite flavour is an awesome way to start your day!

If we could describe the flavour in three words they'd be:

Creamy Fresh Luscious


Losing weight isn't easy and keeping it off is even harder, unhealthy options are often irresistible. That's where we come in with an Aussie weight loss system that really works.

Try Dukes Weight Loss and enjoy healthy, high protein meals that are low in sugar, keep you full and most importantly taste awesome.

Trust us, losing weight is a lot easier when your next meal is enhanced with natural fat burners, packed with fibre and ready in seconds, just mix with water.

This cost effective and simple meal replacement system will help you enjoy achieving your weight loss goals.

Weight loss
in three steps...

Weight loss shake pouring into cup


2 scoops or 1 sachet into 350ml of water.

Weight loss shake being made


Until smooth and consistent.

Man Drinking Dukes Weight Loss Shake


And enjoy replacing 2 meals a day.


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25g+ Protein

Protein Packed

Packed with the highest-quality protein blend to ensure you stay full all-day long and avoid losing muscle mass.

No Sugar

Low In Sugar

Low In Sugar

Our shakes have under 1g of sugar per serve on average, meaning you won't have that 3pm energy crash.


High Fibre

High Fibre

Keep your hunger and sugar levels in check with a good source of dietary fibre coming from each soup.

Vitamins & Minerals


Vitamins & Minerals

Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals and real veggies to make sure your body is staying fit and functioning optimally.



Our dairy-free products digest amazingly and are perfect for those who are lactose intolorent, vegetarian or vegan.

Natural Fat Burners

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Natural Fat Burners

Supercharge your weight loss journey with natural fat burners, such as green coffee bean and green tea extracts.

Duke Weight Loss Shake - Strawberry

Strawberry Avg qty Per Serve Avg qty Per 100g
Energy 872kJ(208kcal) 1740kJ(414kcal)
208kcal 416kcal
Protein 25.5g 51g
Fat, total 6.3g 12.5g
- Saturated 3.9g 7.9g
- Trans 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 13.4g 26.7g
- Sugars 1.2g 2.3g
Dietary Fibre 4.4g 8.8g
Sodium 429mg 858mg
See Vitamins and Minerals
Strawberry Avg qty Per Serve Avg qty Per 100g
Vitamin A 187.50µg 375.00µg
Vitamin B1 0.30mg 0.60mg
Vitamin B2 0.45mg 0.90mg
Niacin 2.50mg 5.00mg
Folic Acid 50.00µg 100.00µg
Vitamin B6 0.40mg 0.80mg
Vitamin B12 0.50µg 1.00µg
Vitamin C 10.00mg 20.00mg
Vitamin D2 2.50µg 5.00µg
Vitamin E 2.50mg 5.00mg
Calcium 200.00mg 400.00mg
Phosphorus 536.00mg 1072.00mg
Iodine 38.00µg 76.00µg
Iron 10.00mg 20.00mg
Magnesium 93.00mg 186.00mg
Zinc 6.90mg 13.80mg
Probiotic 1 Billion CFU 2 Billion CFU


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Terina E.
Strawberry shakes

I like the strawberry flavour and the fact that they are not too sweet.

Dianne S.

beautiful taste, very filling, I have a shake
for breakfast and lunch, never get hungry at all