About Us

Dukes Weight Loss is a leading and innovative weight management company with products that are loved by our customers and endorsed by healthcare professionals.

At Dukes Weight Loss we believe in making your world fitter and healthier one kilo at a time! We have a simple goal to help Australian’s lose and manage their weight in turn helping them look and feel great.

We work tirelessly to bring you Australia’s largest range of meal replacement Shakes, Soups & Oats in cost effective bags and convenient sachets to help you stay on track. Our team has decades of experience and works with key scientific advisors to ensure our products meet your health goals as well as tasting great. 

Dukes Weight Loss is 100% Australian owned division of Winslow Health Pty Ltd.

The Dukes Weight Loss Ethos

Losing weight isn't easy and keeping it off is even harder, unhealthy options are often irresistible. We saw a clear need here in Australia for a comprehensive weight loss system that is affordable, tasty and really works.

Try Dukes Weight Loss and enjoy healthy, high protein meals that are low in sugar, keep you full and most importantly taste awesome. Trust us, losing weight is a lot easier when your next meal is packed with protein, fibre and ready in seconds, just mix with water.

We hope our meal replacements can provide you with a clear path to weight loss and ultimately a more healthy, happy and fulfilling life!